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300 Bloor Street West Condos

300 Bloor Street West Condos Exterior Building True Condos

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300 Bloor Street West Condos is a pre-construction condo development by Collecdev coming to 300 Bloor Street West, Toronto.

300 Bloor Street West Condos Exterior Building True Condos

About 300 Bloor Street West Condos

Welcome to 300 Bloor Street West Condos. Designed to sustain an engaged community for decades to come.
An informative hub connecting the community, the city, the congregation, and the partners on this innovative project.

300 Bloor Street West Condos is an important opportunity to improve the quality of life for residents throughout the neighbourhood. It’s a commitment to preserving and integrating existing heritage architecture with contemporary design. It’s a promise to continue the tradition of inclusiveness engrained in the Bloor Street United Church and the Annex.

It’s an invitation to collaborate, to break down barriers and to reconsider how people experience community and home. It’s a place built upon a diversity of opinions and ideas. It’s also a conversation, where everyone is heard because that’s how great ideas come to life.

300 Bloor Street West Condos is a collaboration between the Bloor Street United Church and two of Toronto’s leading property developers, Northrop Development Corporation and Collecdev Inc. with one common vision—to build a community that is socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.

300 Bloor Street West Condos Details


Developer Collecdev
Address 300 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON
Neighbourhood The Annex
Number of Storeys 35
Number of Units 259
Occupancy Date TBA
Maintenance Fees TBA
Priced From TBA


300 Bloor Street West Condos Location

300 Bloor Street West Condos is located at 300 Bloor Street West between St. George Street and Spadina Road in Toronto, ON.

Bloor Street defines Toronto’s character on so many levels that it can be considered an icon from a historical, cultural and community perspective. The street passes through several neighbourhoods of historical and multicultural significance. And Bloor Street forms the southern edge of The Annex, one of the city’s most beloved and diverse neighbourhoods which in and of itself, contains an awe-inspiring cross-section of Toronto’s identity.

The Annex represents a mature and stable neighbourhood demanding a high level of care so that future developments will only add to its urban fabric and social mix. To maintain its stable demographic base, it is also important for The Annex to maintain a high-quality offering of residences for purchase in an increasingly expensive Toronto real estate market.

Because of this market reality, the type of residences being offered for purchase at 300 Bloor Street West Condos will contribute to the ongoing sustainability and liveability of the neighbourhood.

300 Bloor Street West Condos represents the aspirations of Collecdev, Northrop and the Bloor Street United Church as a development that offers an attractive package through progressive design that maintains an existing heritage building, supports community engagement, while delivering state-of-the-art architecture that is intended for contemporary living and environmental sustainability community for decades to come.

300 Bloor Street West

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300 Bloor Street West Condos Street Level True Condos

About the Developer


Collecdev is a development company dedicated to building better communities. We champion an integrated approach, based on our five pillars of good development and design.

At Collecdev, sustainability is all encompassing. It means innovative technology like geothermal energy systems that reduce a building’s carbon footprint and help create predictable monthly costs for residents. It means consideration for affordable housing that will ensure the city’s long-term accessibility and growth. It means building communities that will thrive for decades, anticipating the future while balancing the needs of today.

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300 Bloor Street West Condos Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve a unit in this project?

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After you review the floor plans and prices, if you know what suites you are interested in, you may reserve a suite online using our online reservation worksheet form at

Does filling out the worksheet form mean I’m committing to buy a suite?

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No it is not a formal commitment, it is an expression of interest and the first step you must take if you are thinking about getting a unit in this project.

What does it mean that Andrew la Fleur is a “Platinum Agent”?

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Platinum agents are the top selling agents who get preferred status with developers and first access to new projects before regular agents and the public.

Andrew la Fleur has been a top-selling pre-construction agent since 2007, and during this time he has achieved platinum status with many of the top builders and sales companies in the Greater Toronto Area.

For more information on about Platinum agents see this article:

How does it benefit me as a buyer to work with Andrew la Fleur as my Platinum Agent?

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Working with me as your Platinum agent gives you several benefits

  1. You get the highest level of access in the building
  2. You pay the lowest possible price for the unit (prices are typically increased significantly after the Platinum sales event)
  3. The best possible incentives
  4. I do not represent the builder. I represent you. You benefit from my expertise of being a top selling pre-construction agent and investor myself since 2007.
  5. Access to my personal network of mortgage brokers, lawyers, property management, HST rebate services, handymen and much more.
  6. My services to you as a buyer are free

Do I get a cooling off period? What is it for?

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Yes, after you sign the contract to purchase a suite you will have a standard 10-day cooling off period. It’s 10 calendar days, not business days from the time you sign.

The 10 days are primarily for 2 things: 1) to have a lawyer review your contract with you if you wish and 2) to get a mortgage pre-approval letter

Do I need to have a lawyer?

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You don’t need to have a lawyer at the moment that you sign the agreement, however I always recommend that you have a qualified lawyer review your agreement of purchase and sale after you sign and during your 10-day cooling off period.

Not sure who to talk to? Don’t worry – getting a lawyer is something I can help you with. Contact me for more details.

Do I need to have a mortgage pre-approval to buy?

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95% of all builders will require you to provide them with proof of financing capability in order to purchase. This is not required before you sign a contract, but it is usually required within 60 days of signing.

Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry – getting a mortgage pre-approval is something that I can help you with. Contact me for more details.

Do the prices include HST?

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If you are purchasing for yourself and plan to move in, then yes, prices include the HST and there is nothing you will have to pay at final closing.

If you are purchasing as an investment rental property, then you will have to pay approximately 7.8% of the purchase price as HST on final closing.

This money is remitted to the CRA and as an investor renting out your property you can apply to the CRA immediately to get this money back. It usually takes about 1 month to get your rebate back.

For more information on the HST, see here:

Contact me for more details.

What are my closing costs on a pre-construction condo?

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Closing costs on a pre-construction condo will vary greatly depending on the actual purchase price of the unit you are buying, but it also depends on the builder, the city that you are buying in, and the type of unit that you are buying.


Roughly speaking in Toronto you can expect to pay approximately 3-5% of the purchase price in closing costs when purchasing a brand new condo.


Check out this article for more info on closing costs:


Contact me for more details

Are there any ‘hidden’ costs when buying a pre-construction condo?

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No, there are no hidden fees when buying pre-construction condos because all fees must be disclosed in the agreement of purchase and sale. All purchasers have 10 days to review the agreement and have a lawyer advise them on the exact closing cost amounts. If you need a lawyer to help you we can suggest to you to several expert law firms that will review your agreement in detail.

Is it possible to assign my condo? How much is the assignment fee?

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Most condo builders do allow you to sell your unit before the building is complete. This projcess is called selling by “assignment”.

There is usually an assignment fee and a legal fee associated with selling. Costs can range from $1000-7000. Contact me for more details.

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