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5/5/5: 5 Units Under $500K Available for Purchase with only 5% Deposit

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December 7th update: After posting this last first last Thursday, nearly every single unit has been sold. One great unit still remains, contact me for details.

Recently I have been encouraging my clients to see past the hype of the latest flavour-of-the-month condo projects and consider buying at existing new developments that may be as much as 80-90% sold out. Some of these are offering excellent value compared to their newly launched competitors.

Common wisdom says that the best time to buy a new condo is always at the VIP stage – the earliest possible point where prices will always be lowest.  This is usually true, but when a developer sees a lineup outside his sales centre that is 2 blocks long before he opens his doors, rest assured he is going to tell his sales department to raise the prices because they are obviously not charging enough! The end result is many buyers who buy at these VIP events are shocked when they compare the price they paid with the price they thought they were going to pay based on pre-VIP sale advertised price points.

Here are 5 units that are currently available for purchase with only 5% total deposit at two great developments at King and Spadina – M5V and Victory, and one in Liberty Village – Liberty Market Lofts. This is a true 5% down, with nothing further due at occupancy.*

  1. M5V Condominiums – “M17” unit, 721 Sq Ft, 1+den, 29th floor, $442K
  2. M5V Condominiums – “M30” unit, 852 Sq Ft, 2 bed, 26th floor, $502K
  3. M5V Condominiums – “M23A” unit, 763 Sq Ft, 2 bed, 30th floor, $471K
  4. Victory Condominiums – “Darling A” unit, 765 Sq Ft, 2 bed, 11th floor, $405K
  5. Liberty Market Lofts – 885 Sq Ft, 1+den, 5th floor, $385K

*Disclaimer: Limited time offer. Prices and conditions subject to change at any time. Information is deemed to be accurate but and Andrew la Fleur do not guarantee accuracy. Some conditions apply. Contact me for details.