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Andrew la Fleur Goes to Ottawa to Visit Capital Hall Location

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Andrew la Fleur takes a trip to Ottawa to visit the location of upcoming Capital Hall condos by Ashcroft Homes in this exclusive video on True Condos.

Video Transcript

Hi, welcome to this video. Today we’re going to fly from Toronto, Billy Bishop Airport downtown to Ottawa for today to check out Capital Hall condos. Come along with me. We just touched down in Ottawa now we’re going to get us to where we started, let’s go. Okay, so we just met with David Choo, a developer from Ashcroft Homes, the president of Ashcroft Homes and now we’re about to hop into a bus and take a tour around to some of Ashcroft’s communities in the Ottawa area. Come along with me and let’s go take a look at what Ashcroft already built. Okay. Now we’re in the middle of Carleton Campus and you can see the tour bus there as we are in the middle of campus and we’re about to get on the O-train, to actually ride the train from the heart of the campus to where Capital Hall is going to be. Sorry, it’s a bit sunny here, I’m just going and take it. Let’s go on a ride from Carleton to Capital Hall.

Here we are around the train. it’s a very nice, beautiful, brand new train. Great high feelings and we’re just one stop away from our destination Capital Hall. Here we go. Okay, so two minutes on the train and here we are at Carleton Station. Right behind me you could see right behind those two condo building is where Capital Hall is going to be and that bridge that you see right there is the pedestrian bridge to get over the train tracks from Capital Hall to the station where we are right now, just turn around here and you could see Carleton Station, we’re going to go up the steps there. Here we go.

What’s really nice about the commute for students who are living at Capital Halls is they got different options so of course the train is going to be the main option but right beside the train track you can see right here is a great trail, a multiuse trail where you can bike beside the train tracks all the way to campus or walk or rollerblade or whatever. There’s lot of great options for students. Okay, so we just walked about three minutes from the Carleton Station and now here we are at the site. That big yellowish under construction building that you see there, that is Envie, so that is the rental tower that Ashcroft is building directly at this side and would be complementing Capital Hall. Let’s go take a look at the site a little bit closer.

Okay. I got my hardhat on. I’m ready to go for a hardhat tour of the Envie building which is the the sister building to Capital Hall right here. Here we go. All right, so here we are in the building itself. It’s under construction. We’re looking south towards the campus so it sort of right there, that’s Carleton Campus and there is the subway line right there and that of course is Dow’s Lake. Okay. There you have it. That concludes our tour of Ottawa and Capital Hall condos. I hope you enjoy that. I certainly had a great day. I hope you did too. For more information about Capital Hall condos please send me an e-mail, or give me a call at 416-371-2333. Thanks. Have a great day.