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Buying a New Condo

buying a new condo in toronto

Congratulations! You’ve decided to purchase a new condo in Toronto. Now what? Walk into a new development’s sales site, get all the information from the sales people there, and then buy something. Right? WRONG! Buying a new condo without using an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent is like shooting yourself in the foot.

If you are considering purchasing a new condominium from a builder in Toronto, it is absolutely essential for you to have your own Exclusive Buyer’s Agent.

Here’s why:

  • Using an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent could save you thousands! Every new condo project goes through a staggered sales and marketing process whereby prices increase and availability decreases at each stage of the process. The best agents get their clients in to purchase units at the earliest stages to ensure the lowest possible price and the best possible selection.
  • The sales people at the sales office work for the builder, not for you. The sales people that the builders hire have a legal obligation to only represent the builder’s interests and have zero obligation to your interests. Be smart and protect yourself! As an analogy, think about being sued by someone and asking the lawyer of the person who is suing you to represent you as well. Of course you would never do this, but buyers of new condos unwittingly do this every time they purchase without having their own Exclusive Buyer’s Agent.
  • The services of an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent are FREE to you as the buyer. The builder always pays the buyer’s agent’s fee, so you get professional representation and consultation, all on the builder’s dime.

Technically, any registered real estate sales person can act as a buyer’s agent for you. But very few agents actually have the skill and expertise to offer you anything of value on one of the largest purchases you will ever make!

So why hire me?

  • Experience. I do this everyday and I know the ins and outs and potential pitfalls when purchasing a pre-construction condo. I have sold units at projects all over the city (to clients living in Canada and overseas). I know the secrets to getting my clients in at the earliest possible stage of the sales and marketing process and this means my clients save thousands of dollars!
  • Knowledge. How do you know if you are getting a good price? Does the builder have a good reputation in the industry? Will the project be completed on time? I know the questions to ask and the things to watch out for. I can help you choose the best suites, and avoid the bad suites.  I can help direct you to a lawyer who will review your Agreement of Purchase and Sale and they will walk you through the legal side of things and tell you exactly what you have signed and what the implications are as well as make any recommended amendments or changes to the Agreement.
  • Service. Consider me as your condo buying consultant. I don’t try to ‘sell’ my clients anything, I equip them with all information and knowledge they need to make an informed purchase decision. My service is not just for today, or this week when you make your purchase decision, my commitment to you continues right on through from initial purchase until 3-4 years later when your condo is finally ready and you close on the property. There are so many issues that can come up between when you sign the agreement and final closing that it is vital to have a professional resource by your side the whole way through.

Ready to hire me as your Exclusive Buyer’s Agent? Click here to do just that.

Andrew la Fleur – Sales Representative
Re/Max Condos Plus
1170 Bay St, Unit 110
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2B4

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