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Canary District Condos: Getting to Know the Site

Canary District Condos is here. Platinum VIP Sales are on now. If you are interested in purchasing a unit at Canary District, simply complete the form below to register for the Platinum VIP sales event.

As the first new condo in the heart of the West Don Lands neighbourhood, this project is already generating a lot of attention from Realtors, the media, and condo investors alike. Because the West Don Lands is a brand new neighbourhood, being built from scratch, most people don’t even know where it is! This post will help you understand where Canary District Condos is going to be located in relation to the downtown and in relation to the West Don Lands.

The first image above in this post shows the entire downtown east side, including the West Don Lands. Side note: many people find it confusing that the “West Don Lands” neighbourhood is actually on the east side of downtown, the name is derived from the Don River which empties into Lake Ontario here. The name is derived from the fact that the area is on the west side of the Don River.

This next image below is a zoom in of the West Don Lands which shows Canary District. What is not on this map is three new TTC streetcar stops which will be located along Cherry Street.

Next up is a picture of a scale model of the West Don Lands neighbourhood. In the foreground is the Don River Park. Right up the middle is Front Street which will act as the centre piece of the neighbourhood. It will be as wide as Spadina avenue, but will only have 2 lanes for traffic. The remaining expanse will be filled will extra wide pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and sitting areas, lush landscaping, and patios for the restaurants, cafes and shops.

Next is a photo of the actual site for Canary District as it looks today. It is amazing to think that this empty piece of land will play such an important part of Toronto’s future. The West Don Lands will be a model for urban renewal and brownfield redevelopment for cities all over the world!

Finally, here is a promotional video for Canary District put out by the developer and just released yesterday:

To get floor plans and pricing for the Platinum VIP sales event for Canary District Condos, simply complete the form below.

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