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Canary District Condos: Platinum VIP Sales On Now

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Coming Soon to the West Don Lands: Canary District Condos. Fill out the form below to receive floor plans and pricing and for your chance to buy a suite in this project before the public release.

The West Don Lands is an entirely new neighbourhood is under construction in downtown Toronto and its name is the West Don Lands. The centre piece of the neighbourhood is the 18-acre Don River Park which is nearly complete. It’s amazing to think that in just 3 years time, this HUGE parcel of land which was an industrial waste land just a couple years ago will be completed transformed into a thriving neighbourhood with condos, apartments, retail, schools, recreation facilities, new public transit lines, roads, bike lanes, restaurants and shops.

The reason why so many people are already excited about Canary District Condos is because this is the first opportunity to purchase something in the centre of the West Don Lands neighbourhood. River Cityand River City 2 are great projects and also located in the West Don Lands neighbourhood, however, Canary District arguably has a much better location as it will be right on the new section of Front Street, which will lead directly in the heart of the Don River Park.

Something extremely unique about Canary District is that the building will be completed in time for the 2015 Pan Am games and the units will first be used as housing for the athletes. Once the games are finished, the suites will be finished to the purchaser’s specifications and handed over. Exact details on this program are yet to be released but something similar was done in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Finally, check out this great video from Waterfront Toronto which talks about the West Don Lands and preparation for the 2015 Pan Am games.