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3 Reasons to Always Choose a Variable Rate Mortgage When Buying an Investment Property

When it comes to mortgage financing on your investment property, there are considerations that differ for every property and every situation, however there is one debate that is common for every investor: do you go with a fixed or variable mortgage rate? Here are 3 reasons why I always go with a variable mortgage rate […]

Why Invest In Daniels Waterfront?

Soon I will have in my hands the floor plans and prices for one of the most anticipated new condo projects of 2015: Daniels Waterfront. As a Platinum agent for Daniels, on October 7th I will get all the details for the building and I will begin accepting worksheets (suite request forms) immediately. Demand is already […]

Why Did Canada’s Biggest Investor Just Spend $2.8B on High-End Student Housing?

That’s what’s happening now with the recent announcements that the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is investing $2.8B in 2 separate transactions on high-end student housing in the UK. The CPP is the largest investing body in Canada with around $270B in assets. Since the CPP is funded by your tax dollars, you just invested in […]

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