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Is Toronto Becoming a Playground for the Rich?

Is Toronto Becoming a Playground for the Rich?

Prices and rents have both risen dramatically in the last 2-3 years in Toronto. Many are starting to say that Toronto is becoming a playground for the rich, where only the top 1% can afford to rent here, let alone buy here. Is this true? Should real estate investors be worried about this trend? Find [...]

is canada overdue for a recession? podcast

Is Canada Overdue for a Recession?

The current economic cycle is getting very long with the last recession happening 10 years ago in 2008. Are we not due for another recession soon? Andrew gives his highlights of what CIBC economist Benjamin Tal had to say about this question and many others at a recent private presentation he gave to Toronto Real [...]

5 Reasons Why Rising Interest Rates are a Good Thing for Condo Investors

The Bank of Canada has been slowing but surely increasing interest rates over the last year leaving some condo investors wondering if the party is over. Is the market about to crash? Should investors be worried? Quite the contrary. Find out why rising interest rates are actually a good thing for condo investors on today’s [...]

How Condo Investing Solves the 3 Biggest Problems that Landlords Face

Andrew recently got back from a landlords conference where he was a speaker. He was shocked at the problems that landlords are facing in their duplexes, triplexes, and apartment buildings across Ontario. More and more Andrew is convinced that pre-construction condo investing offers huge advantages over traditional real estate investing. Listen to hear how condo [...]

8 Reasons Why Regent Park is one of the Safest Places to Invest in Downtown Toronto

The Regent Park Revitalization started 10 years ago and yet many investors still have misconceptions about this neighbourhood including thinking it’s not a safe area to invest. On this episode Andrew la Fleur shares 8 reasons why Regent Park is actually one of the safest places you can invest in downtown Toronto today. Related Links [...]

Priced Out of Toronto? Do This.

Are you priced out of the Toronto condo market? Are you ready to invest but the prices of condos in Toronto have shocked you? Are you an existing investor and you are finding it hard to add more units to your portfolio in Toronto? Find out what you can and should do if you are [...]

What does it take to be a real estate investor?

What does it take to be a real estate investor? Does it take fortitude? Or is it something else? How come some people can buy multiple properties while others continually sit on the sidelines and do nothing? Find out what Andrew told his insurance guy about how to become a successful real estate investor on [...]

Why Toronto is the Hottest Rental Market in the World Right Now

Roman Bodnarchuk made his first investment at just 14 years old! Now after 35 years of experience in real estate markets around the world he says that he has never been more excited about a rental market than Toronto. Hear why he believes that and learn more about a very innovative solution Roman is now [...]

Condo Investors: Please STOP Doing This!

Andrew is getting really annoyed with condo investors who keep making this silly mistake and he’s pleading with investors to stop. Find out what he’s so fired up about on this episode and what you should do instead Related Links 3 part podcast series on assignments - part 1, part 2, part 3 Click Here [...]

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