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Coming Soon: Bisha Hotel and Residences

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King and Spadina is absolutely exploding. Not 10 years ago any self-respecting Torontonian would carefully avoid this once sketchy area.  Now this ultra hip zip code made famous by “M5V” is setting records for prices per square foot with buildings like The Hudson (438 King St) and Glas (25 Oxley) making resale buyers salivate.

Enter Bisha Hotel and Residences by Lifetime Developments (Liberty Market Lofts, X2, Victory Condos) and INK Entertainment. The combination hotel and condo will be situated at 56 Blue Jays way on the former site of the Diesel Playhouse and what was once Leoni’s restaurant for those who were around long enough to remember Leoni’s.

Charles Khabouth is the man behind INK Entertainment and is Toronto’s night club king, owning and running several venues including Guvernment and Ultra Supper Club. His vision for night life, combined with the design of Munge Leung (ICE, Murano, Ritz Carlton, FLY, etc.) and the condo building savvy of Lifetime has me very excited about the possibilities of this project.

It’s hard to describe what Bisha will be like, because there has never been anything quite like it in Toronto, but the concept for the Hotel/Residences was launched at Interior Design Show last month. The style is modern yet classic, elegance without being fussy.  Another first for the city of Toronto: Bisha will incorporate 1 floor of affordable housing in the building which will be rented out to the the hotel employees. I expect this to be a trend-setting move that will be seen more often as the city seeks to incorporate more affordable housing units and developers seek to build more units on every tract of land they own.

Sales will be launching late spring/early summer, however, once again my clients will have priority access to this project because of my excellent track record and relationship with Lifetime Developments. If you are interested in Bisha, please contact me.