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Eight More Floors at X2

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X2 was one of fastest selling condos downtown in the past 12 months. Back when it launched in November ’09 there was much controversy over the fact that a large group of agents got shut out of getting any units because they were supposedly in the wrong line up (let’s just refer to it from now on as LineupGate, shall we?).

The news today is that X2 is now going to be 49 stories instead of 42. These top floors have just been released to VIP agents such as myself. After about a week, whatever is remaining will go on sale to the public. If you are interested in buying a suite at X2, please contact me for floor plans and price list. Prices are starting at just under $600 per square foot. A very competitive price for suites on 40+ floors in such a quality building. Try finding a suite anywhere else for under $600 PSF at such a floor height downtown – it will be very difficult to find I assure you. Deposit structure is 15% up front and 5% at occupancy. If you are looking for a high-floor suite at an affordable price, this is a great opportunity. There are also suites available still in the podium levels, and the penthouse suites (top 2 floors) are yet to be released.