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Exclusive DuEast Video

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DuEast Condos in Sumach is a new condo development by The Daniels Corporation currently in preconstruction at Sumach Street, Toronto.

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Speaker 1: I was there in 2009 when One Cole, the very first condo building in the new Regent Park went on sale. The skeptics said it would never work, that Regent Park could never change, that anyone who invested here would never make a dime. What actually happened?

Speaker 2: Well, I have a wonderful electronic invention I want you to see. It looks something like this.

Speaker 1: When One Cole condos launched in May 2009, prices were about $400 per square foot. Prices today in Regent Park are averaging about $700 per square foot. That’s a 75% increase. Okay, how about rental rates? Rental rates started at about $1,500 a month on average in One Cole in 2010. Rental rates today in One Cole average about $2,200 a month. That’s an increase of 47%. How about sales? When that first building One Coal condos launched in 2009, it took about one year to sell out. The latest building in Regent Park sold out in one day. The numbers don’t lie. Regent Park is an amazing place to invest.

Andrew La Fleur: The most recent success in Regent Park was the Wyatt Condominiums, which launched last year.

Speaker 1: The Wyatt condos launch represented the tipping point in the redevelopment of the Regent Park neighborhood. Demand for units was unlike anything ever seen before. Over 3,000 worksheets were received for just 300 units. The entire building sold out in a day, with thousands of buyers unable to secure units due to the unprecedented demand for this project. Construction is already well underway for the Wyatt, with completion set for early 2019.

Andrew La Fleur: It’s time to stop missing out on Regent Park, and this is your chance with DuEast Condominiums.

Speaker 1: DuEast Condominiums is launching very soon, and I’m once again excited to bring this opportunity to you. The project will have approximately 300 units and stand 29 stories tall at the corner of Sumach and Dundas. Like all the condos in Regent Park, the views will be spectacular in all directions due to the master plan nature of this community. The great news is that even though prices have increased so much in Regent Park, DuEast is still the best value downtown, with huge upside. Prices are about $150 per square foot less than the current downtown average. The entire redevelopment of Regent Park is just past the halfway mark, so there’s so much more yet to come.

Andrew La Fleur: Thanks for checking out this video. I hope you found it useful. To get the full investor package, make sure you sign up on the form below. Until next time, happy investing.