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Why now is the time to get off the fence and invest in Regent Park – with Jake Cohen of Daniels Corp.


In this episode Andrew la Fleur talks again with Jake Cohen – VP of Project Implementation for Daniels Corp – about DuEast Condominiums – Daniel’s latest new project in Regent Park. Listen to discover what’s new in Regent Park since the record-breaking sell out of The Wyatt which launched in October 2016. Find out why Jake says that Regent Park has changed so much in the last decade and is now one of hottest neighbourhoods in the Downtown East side.


1:10 Looking at the real estate market, what are your thoughts?
3:23 How foreign buyer tax impacts the daniels corporation?
6:10 Recap for Wyatt, how did that launch go?
8:00 Let’s talk about regent park in general. What’s new over the last 12 months?
14:08 Dramatic shift in Rental and Resale prices over the past year.
16:45 Multitude of offering that are happening in the neighborhood.
19:22 DuEast project highlights. 
24:45 Are you doing penthouses suites again in this building?
26:13 Deposit structure that’s gonna be available at DuEast.
28:15 Expected occupancy on DuEast.
29:40 What would be your message to them about regent park?

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