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Great time to be a condo investor

Toronto housing takes sharp turn into buyer’s market

By one metric, the Greater Toronto housing market has quickly shifted from a seller’s market to one favouring buyers.

Now that the Bank of Canada has scratched the interest rate itch, get ready for more

Many of the world’s central bankers, including in Canada, had been stubbornly tied to low-for-longer interest-rate regimes following the recession. That time has ended.

CIBC warns of a bigger shock to housing than interest rates

CIBC Capital Markets’ Deputy Chief Economist Benjamin Tal discusses his latest report on risks to the Canadian housing market in a rising rate environment. He says there is a “need to slow down housing, not shock it.”

Competition soars among Toronto condo renters hunting for a home

Finding a condominium in downtown Toronto has been a bigger challenge than Jason Cruz first anticipated.

Growing up

In the King-Spadina district, a forest of skyscrapers is growing at breakneck speed. Marcus Gee explains how condos conquered a rundown district of the city

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