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Hamilton Rising: Why Brad Lamb is so Excited about the Future of Steel Town

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Brad Lamb is back on the show! In this wide ranging interview Andrew la Fleur and Brad talk about the challenges that are restricting the new supply of condos today, the Vancouver market vs. Toronto, and why he’s so excited to be now shifting the primary focus of his development company on downtown Hamilton.


3:00 I’m curious to see about what’s your take on the market now?
6:13 Reasonable price growth in the 905.
7:58 There’s a problem in the supply and demand in the 905.
8:10 Are you surprised at the strength of the condo market?
11:34 Political will was strong for rent controls for properties built in 1991.
15:40 What’s it like when you started your first building 10 years ago vs building today?
24:01 How closely did you follow Vancouver market and is Toronto 1 to 2 years behind?
25:00 Why condominium market was becoming a bigger part in Toronto’s market.
25:45 Toronto is about 75% condo and 25% houses, and it’s gonna continue that way.
28:31 When government introduces things, it scares the average person.
29:00 Are you tracking closely the amazon bid?
30:40 What’s your take on the commercial real estate in general?
34:35 Are you gonna run for office?
38:50 What we should be doing is traffic studies.
40:39 King street is a hub, a vital financial hub.
43:20 Let’s get into Hamilton, television city. How was the 1st tower received?
45:35 Were you involved in bidding at all?
50:25 Some of the sites that we looked at have been kicked by Daniels
54:05 We have a building just finishing up called Harlowe.
55:34 Why would i wanna go outside Toronto and invest in Hamilton?

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