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How to make $100K in 3 Months

There are dozens and dozens of units available for sale at Festival Tower. Most have been sitting on MLS for months as assignments (tricky to sell at the best of times), but now that the building is registering in a matter of days I expect these units will start moving quickly. I noticed something quite interesting looking through the sales data for a client – one of the bigger 2 bedroom units on a high floor sold in March as an assignment for $945K. Another one of the same floor plan also sold around the same time for about $1.03M, and just this week another one of this floor plan came up as sold for $1.05M (interestingly as I am writing this blog post I noticed the sales price has been removed and it now says ‘sold conditionally’).

So what happened? Seems to me the person who bought for $945K in March is up at least $100K in just 3 months time. Also it occurs to me that selling by assignment is a crap shoot at best – buyers and sellers alike are dealing with very limited an imperfect information and ‘fair market value’ is a very hard thing to determine.

This blog post is really designed as an illustration to show why I preach to my investor clients that the best time to sell your pre-construction purchased condo is 6-12 months after registration.


  1. 1 year is the length of a typical lease. Assuming a 3-6 month occupancy period for most condos, selling 6-12 months after building registration will align perfectly with the end of that lease.
  2. 6-12 months gives time for the dust to settle in the building (literally), and for the common areas to be completed. Common areas do add value to your property, make no mistake!
  3. Allows time for the resale values of a building to get established. Much of this is driven by supply and demand principles – many investors selling at first, and few buyers aware of the building because it’s brand new.
  4. To qualify for the HST/GST rebate as an investor, most lawyers will tell you you need a 12 month lease signed.

We see this pattern time and time again with new buildings when they first are finished – those who sell first tend to undersell. Those who are patient and wait reap the rewards.

Questions or comments? Thinking about selling your investment condo this year? Contact me.

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