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How to sell your condo and buy a house: ROOFS

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Unless you live on the penthouse level of your condo, the roof of your building is probably something you have never thought about. HOWEVER, when selling your condo and buying a house, you need to know that the roof of your home is one of the MOST important parts of your house.

The two main types of roofs you’ll come across in houses in Toronto are flat roofs and pitched roofs.

Flat roofs are not actually flat, they always have a slight slope to them to allow drainage. They don’t tend to last as long as pitched roofs, however, they are generally cheaper to build. Of course everyone knows that flat roofs are great for roof-top patios and decks. A good flat roof should last at least 10 years

Pitched roofs come in many different styles and are typically very low maintenance and are designed to let rain and snow fall away from the house. A good pitched roof should last at least 20 years, but it can be much longer depending on the materials used.

So how do you know if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced? On a pitched roof, look for cracked or curled shingles. Look for holes and possible entry points for animals in any corners or crevasses. Look for fading or discolouration. The condition of a flat roof will be very difficult to assess without going up onto the roof.

My first expert tip for inspecting a roof is to not inspect the roof at all, rather, go inside the house and check the ceilings and walls for signs of possible water damage and leaks caused by a faulty roof.

My second expert tip is if you get a home inspection when buying a house, make sure your home inspector actually goes up on the roof. Many of them do not and only do a visual inspection which adds very little value to such an important purchase.

I wanted to show you the roof on this house near the Danforth as an example of a common problem many homes in Toronto have and that is uneven wear and tear. This roof is generally in pretty good condition however you can see that along the sides the shingles are badly damaged and in need of replacement. This is because of water run off from the dormer above. This problem can easily be avoided by adding a downspout to connect the upper and lower eaves.

If you are thinking about selling your condo and buying a house this year, I’d love to help. For more information contact me.

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