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How to Sell Your Condo and Buy a House: TERMITES

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If you’ve been living in a high rise condo made of concrete, glass and steel you probably have never had to even think about termites, however when you are buying a house in toronto, there are a few things to know about Termites.

This is one of several videos in my series about “How to Sell Your Condo and Buy a House“. Check out my Youtube Channel for the entire series.

Termites are actually quite common in the many of Toronto’s best neighbourhoods, but particularly on the east side of the city in areas like Cabbagetown and Riverdale.

Termites can be very destructive as they can damage the structural integrity of your house and this is not covered by home insurance. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a deal breaker if you find out your dream house has had problems with termites in the past.

Treatment for termites from a professional pest control company is often very effective and most come with warranty.

If you are wondering if the home you are thinking about buying is in an active termite area, try calling Aetna Pest Control to ask them if they have done treatments on your street or in your specific house. Aetna is basically the pre-eminent termite control company in the city and they have been in business for almost 40 years. Chances are if your house has ever had a termite problem Aetna will know.

I hope you learned something about house termites today. Check out my website or contact me for more information.

If you are thinking about selling your condo and buying a house this year, I’d love to help. For more information contact me.

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