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How to Sell Your Condo and Buy a House: TOP 5 SHOWING ROADBLOCKS

One mistake that many condo sellers make is having too many showing roadblocks. Showing roadblocks are anything the impedes potential buyers and real estate agents from showing your property. If you want to sell your condo quickly and for top dollar, you need to ensure that you get as many showings as possible, and to generally make it as easy as possible for agents to show your condo.

In this video, I talk about the top-5 showing roadblocks that you want to avoid in order to sell your condo quickly and for top-dollar.

If you have a tenant living in the condo you are trying to sell it can sometimes be a roadblock to showings. Tenants of course must receive 24 hours notice and give permission before any real estate agent can enter the property. Before you list your property, talk to your tenant about the showing process, and communicate to them your expectations. This will go along way to helping put them at ease and hopefully they will be as co-operative as possible.

The listing agent for your property must be able to provide lightning quick responses to inquiries from other agents and potential buyers. If an agent is not available or too slow to return phone calls, agents and buyers will move on to other properties.

It’s not just important to have a your listing agent respond quickly to inquiries, it’s equally important for the listing agent’s office to respond to requests for showings from buyer agents. Some real estate companies are closed in the evenings or sometimes on weekends making it difficult or impossible for showings to be booked on short notice.

Another major showing roadblock are missing or hard to find keys. If an agent cannot find the keys to your condo quickly and easily, they may just move on and pass over your property.

Parking downtown is always an issue. Some agents have been known to avoid showing units in certain buildings because parking is too difficult to find or it’s too expensive! If this is the case in your building, find an alternative and help other agents by telling them where they can park.

I hope you enjoyed this video about the top-5 showing roadblocks to avoid. If you are thinking about selling your condo and buying a house this year, I’d love to help. For more information contact me.

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