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Investor Mentality

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In contrast to yesterday’s post, “Losing Mentality“, I wanted to present to you some observations about the people who are successful condo investors. Those who buy (and sometimes sell) multiple condos over years and understand that condos as a great way to accumulate long term wealth.

  1. They are entrepreneurial. Either they run their own businesses, or they can at least think like a business person. They treat buying and selling condos as running a micro-business. Money in + time + effort = Profit
  2. They are risk takers. Buying a piece of paper and hoping it turns into a highly profitable asset is RISKY. Either embrace the risk, or put your money in the bank at 1%.
  3. They don’t follow the flow. Simply put, if your mom/friend/uncle/blog-comments-section tells you shouldn’t be investing in condos because ‘there are too many condos downtown’, you are listening to the wrong advice.
  4. They are focused. They decide what they want before they go looking for it. They don’t consider every development and project that appears just because it is the ‘flavour of the week’. They have a set of criteria and they stick to it.
  5. They have money. Let’s face it, most people don’t have the typical 15-20% deposit required to buy most pre-construction condos. Those that do and have invested it in condos in Toronto, have done very well. The rich are in fact getting richer.

Some exhibit these characteristics on their first purchase, others learn them in time. Most of these can be acquired and practice makes perfect, but at the end of the day, you either have the stomach for condo investing or you don’t. I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts. If you are a seasoned condo investor, or want to learn how to become one, let’s talk.