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Maple Leaf Square: Highest Proportion of Out to Lunch Sellers in Toronto?

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Some buildings downtown you will almost never see a listing in them. Why? Because units come on the market and sell so quickly that at any given time there is nothing available. On the other hand, there are some buildings where ‘insane seller syndrome’ runs rampant. These are the buildings where there are always dozens of units available, and many of these listings sit on the market for months and months at a time with no buyers. The key reason: they are over priced.

One building in particular always seems to have an abundance of ‘out to lunch’ sellers trying to pawn their listings off on an unsuspecting buyer at outrageously inflated prices. That building is Maple Leaf Square (55 and 65 Bremner).

Exhibit A: a small 2 bedroom unit is on the market at $469K with no parking, or $499K if parking is included. The listing has been on the market for almost 3 months. Several of the same floor plan have sold in the past year. Average selling price including parking was $465K (6 sold units). This seller is approximately $35K over market value or 7.5% over market value.

Exhibit B: a small 1+Den with no parking is on the market at $429K. The listing has been on the market for a total of about 300 days at various different price points. Average selling price of the exact same unit over the last year is $353K (4 sold units). This seller is approximately $76K or 21% over market value. One listing of the same floor plan was priced as high as $455K this year!

These are just a couple of examples. Having been working with a buyer-client who is trying to get a unit in this building it’s very frustrating and a serious time waster for all trying to negotiate with someone who is completely out of touch with reality. In the summer I submitted an offer for this buyer-client on a unit that was listed at $399K. The offer was for $355K. The seller acted like he was insulted and his agent was just as incredulous. Several months later and 100+ days on the market that unit never sold. Meanwhile 2 other units of the same floor plan and very similar floor level sold for $349K and $357K respectively.

What is it about Maple Leaf Square that seems to foster this insanity among sellers? I don’t know but I suspect there are a lot of investors who paid all cash for their units who really don’t care if they sell them at all, however, if someone wants to offer them an outrageous price above what all other units are selling for they will gladly take it!

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