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Investing in Toronto Condos For Non-Residents of Canada

Listen to Sharon Goldberg, Property Manager of DASH Property Management, talk to Andrew la Fleur about what non-residents of Canada need to know about investing in the Toronto condo market. Sharon Golberg Interview Highlights 00:22 Who is Sharon Golberg? 2:00 Urban Living is Here to Stay 7:00 How Sharon Golberg Got Into Real Estate 8:50 [...]

Tracking the Toronto Condo Market in 2014 with Shaun Hildebrand

In this week’s episode of the True Condos podcast, Andrew la Fleur discusses the current state of the Toronto condo market with Shaun Hildebrand of Urbanation. For more than 30 years, Urbanation Inc. has been actively tracking Toronto’s high rise condominium market. From projects in the planning stages, to new projects in the presale and [...]

The Manhattanization of Toronto with Winson Chan of Tridel

Winson Chan is the Director of Sales for Tridel. Tridel is Canada’s largest condo builder, which means no one in Canada is responsible for more more condo sales than Winson Chan. We talked about a variety of topics but I what I found most interesting is that Winson is very forward thinking. He’s always looking [...]

How to Invest in Student Rental Condos with A.J. Keilty of Varsity Properties

Andrew sits down with A.J. Keilty, the President and CEO of Varisty Properties, to talk about student rental condos and their newest project University Suites in Kingston as a potential condo investment opportunity. A.J. Keilty Interview Highlights 00:40 Recent Podcast Review 1:25 Who is A.J. Keilty and What Is University Suites? 5:05 Background on Aj [...]

Increasing Transparency in the Real Estate Industry with Brandon Donnelly of TAS

Brandon is a young, hungry, up and coming developer in the city. and interestingly enough, just like Matt Young, Brandon is a VERY busy guy with side projects and entrepreneurial ambitions outside of his day job working with the Toronto condo developer TAS. Brandon Donnelly Interview Highlights 1:21 Who is Brandon Donnelly? 2:28 How Brandon [...]

What to Look for in a Condo Investment with Matt Young of CD Capital

Matt Young, VP of CD Capital, is an up-and-coming condo developer in Toronto. Andrew la Fleur and Matt Young talk about the future of Yonge & Eglinton, a sneak peek at "The Art Shoppe" project, and Matt's startup service for condos called "Alfred". Matt Young Interview Highlights 1:15 Who is Matt Young? 3:26 How Matt [...]

HST Rebates & Condo Investing with Tax Expert Mark Purdy

When it comes to condo investing one of the most confusing and most misunderstood subjects is HST and HST rebates. I have found a great guy that I want to introduce to all my condo investor clients and listeners of this podcast. His name is Mark Purdy and he is a tax consultant. Listen to [...]

How To Solve Toronto’s Affordable Housing Shortage With Olivia Chow

This is an election year in Toronto so I am trying to sit down and talk to all the candidates for Mayor to hear what they have to say about the condo market and related issues. This week I spent a few minutes talking to Olivia Chow about Toronto's affordable housing shortage. Olivia Chow Interview [...]

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