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Something I never thought would happen just did

Andrew la Fleur is constantly tracking the condo market, looking for trends and spotting opportunities in the data to help condo investors make strategic investments. Recently he has spotted something he says he never thought would happen. Find out what it is and why it represents a huge BUY signal for downtown condo investors. EPISODE [...]

4 situations where you should not sell your condo by assignment

This is part 3 of a 3-part series on condo assignments. In this episode, Toronto Realtor Andrew la Fleur shares the 4 most common situations he encounters with condo investors where he does not recommend selling by assignment. Make sure you are not in one of these categories if you are thinking of selling! Links [...]

4 situations where it makes sense to sell your condo by assignment

In part 2 of this 3-part series on condo assignments, you will discover the 4 situations where it does make sense for you to sell your condo by assignment. If you are in one of these categories then you should probably assign your condo. Links to the other parts of this podcast series: PART ONE: [...]

8 things your realtor probably didn’t tell you about condo assignments

Are you thinking about selling your condo by assignment? Listen to this 3-part mini podcast series to learn more about assignments and when you should and shouldn’t consider selling by assignment. In part 1, condo investment expert Andrew la Fleur reveals 8 things that your Realtor probably didn’t tell you about assignments. Links to the [...]

Why the GTA’s Biggest Builder Is So Big on the Downtown East Side

Pemberton has always been a large builder of new homes and condos but in 2017 they are on pace to break records with over 3000 units sold. After selling out Time and Space condos (1600 units across 4 towers) in just 6 months, Pemberton is now launching Social condos at Church and Dundas. Find out [...]

How to get 100% occupancy in your condo on Airbnb

In this episode Andrew la Fleur discusses renting out your condo on Airbnb with a condo investor and Realtor Lillian Hanna. Lillian has first hand experience as an Airbnb landlord in her downtown condo. What are the potential risks and rewards of using Airbnb? What are the important things to know for condo investors and [...]

Why Condos Are Going to Kill It Under the New Mortgage Rules with Mortgage Jake

In this episode we get the always informative and engaging Mortgage Jake (Jake Abramowicz) to talk about the new mortgage rule changes (i.e. the stress test). Find out why Jake says condos are going to “kill it”, why you should refinance your existing properties NOW, and why you might actually better off putting less money [...]

In depth analysis of the new mortgage stress test with David Larock

Mortgage broker David Larock is back and here to provide his in depth analysis of the new mortgage rule changes - the stress test and it’s implications to our market.  What are the new rules, who do they benefit, who do they hurt, how many buyers will this actually effect. Are the big banks worried [...]

Why Brad Lamb is “All In” on Hamilton

Brad Lamb started investing in real estate in the early 80s eventually becoming one of the most successful real estate agents, real estate marketers, and now real estate developers in the country. Brad is known for making the most accurate predictions in the industry and has been proven right about the Toronto market time and [...]

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