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Why Bidding Wars Are Still Common on Downtown Toronto Condos – with Mark Savel

In today’s episode we hear from Mark Savel - top agent with Sage Real Estate and real estate investor who shares his insights and experiences in the downtown Toronto condo market. Mark was recently involved in 2 bidding wars in the last week for downtown condos and the results may surprise you. Find out what [...]

3 Key Stats Show That the Downtown Condo Market Will Keep Rising

Since the introduction of the new foreign buyer tax in Ontario 2 months ago the headlines in the media have been about how the market is slowing, but what is actually going in the downtown condo market might surprise you. In this episode Andrew la Fleur shares 3 key stats from the latest TREB numbers [...]

Kathleen Wynne Gives Toronto Condo Investors Yet Another Gift: $15 Minimum Wage

This week Kathleen Wynne dropped yet another huge economic bomb on Ontario by announcing minimum wage will soon go from $11.40/hour to $15/hour. This has left many businesses and pundits reeling, but how will this affect real estate investors? This economic ‘bomb’ could turn out to be a massive ‘gift’ for investors - find out [...]

Is the Toronto Real Estate Market Cooling and Should Investors be Worried?

The stats are in for May 2017 and the market is showing signs of cooling off after a record breaking run of several months. Should investors be worried? Andrew la Fleur takes a step back to look at the market as a whole to analyze what’s really going on, what has changed in the market [...]

Is the supply problem in the Toronto Condo Market real or just a myth?

Is there a supply problem in the Toronto condo market or is it just a myth? Recently an article in Globe and Mail suggested that we don’t actually have a supply problem but we have a lack of government intervention problem. In this episode, Andrew la Fleur takes a look at the supply side of [...]

The Entire City of Vancouver is Moving to Toronto

BREAKING NEWS: Due to an environmental catastrophe, the entire population of Vancouver must vacate the city and move to Toronto. Every man, woman, and child in this city of 630,000 people are moving to Toronto. Find out more about this shocking new development as it happens with live updates as it happens from our True [...]

The Importance of Investing in Transit Oriented Development: Discussing Transit City Condos at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

In this episode, Andrew la Fleur sits down with Shab Rajabzadeh to discuss Transit City Condos in Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC). This will be the very first building of a 100-acre master planned community from Smart Reit/Smart Centres and built by CentreCourt Developments that could see as many as 30 high rise condo buildings in [...]

Why Toronto Was Selected for the World’s First Nobu Branded Residence

Nobu Residences coming to 15 Mercer Street will be a world’s first Nobu-branded residence and will also include a 36-room Nobu hotel and a 15,000+ square foot Nobu restaurant. We sit down with Elliott Taube - President of International Home Marketing Group to talk about what we can expect from what is probably the single [...]

Will the new foreign buyer tax have any impact on the Toronto market?

In this episode we sit down with Riz Dhanji, VP of Sales and Marketing for Canderel. We discuss the new Fair Housing Plan from the Ontario government designed to slow down the housing market. Will the new foreign buyer tax have an impact on the market? How will rent control affect investors and was it [...]

Does Toronto have a rental housing crisis?

There has been a lot of sensationalized stories in the media recently about the Toronto rental market. Could rents really be going up by 100% per year as some stories have suggested? Do we currently have a rental housing crisis? Is there even a problem at all, and are rent controls the solution? Where should [...]

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