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Videos Picks up the Smallest Condo in Toronto Story

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Just 24 hours after wrote their article, and picked up the story too. You can read it here.

While the articles were a fun read, what I found most interesting were the comments section of each article.

The article on framed me as a landlord and Realtor. The comments were mostly personal attacks on me, essentially calling me an evil, greedy slumlord and that I should be locked up for even thinking about renting out such a horrible, God-forsaken shoeb0x of a condo at such an exorbitant and oppressive monthly rate. “How dare you!”

The article on framed it as my own apartment that I would be living in (even though the author knew that it is an investment unit). The comments section on this article are full of praise for me as a smart and even ecologically sound home owner who is living within my means and not being wasteful. “Good for you for making it work!”

This contrast between the two comments’ sections provides a fascinating glimpse into the human physche, but the point I want to make is that it really underscores my belief that investing in real estate is not for everyone. Many people do not and will never understand real estate, and specifically how it can be a vehicle for wealth creation. Some of us ‘get it’. Some of us don’t. I wrote a couple blog posts last year about the difference between those who get it and those who don’t.

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