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Is your home a piece of art or a money making tool

Do you view your home as a work of art to be admired or a tool to be used to generate wealth and secure your financial future? Too many people make the mistake of viewing their principal residence as some kind of object to be acquired, then admired, all the while accumulating massive amounts of [...]

Why Would A Toronto Condo Developer Sell Below Current Market Value?

I had a great question from a new client over this past weekend. I was explaining how YC Condos is priced below current available resale condos (see more by watching this video) and my client asked me: Why would a Toronto condo developer sell a pre-construction condo for less than current market (resale) values? I’m […]

The One Thing That All The Top Selling Toronto Condo Projects Have in Common

There has been a lot of talk in the mainstream media about the fact that new condo sales are down significantly in the past year. This is a fact that I don’t dispute. In 2013, sales of new condos were around 14,000 (official numbers not out yet). One of the lowest numbers on record from […]

5 Things To Know About Buying A Condo With A Platinum VIP Realtor (Real Estate Agent)

Understanding Platinum VIP By the time a new condo project’s sales centre opens its doors to the public, the building can be as much as 90% sold already. How does this happen? Condo developers in Toronto generally follow a simple staggered marketing formula for selling their buildings and it goes like this: 1) Friends and […]

2 Reasons Why The Condo Market Is About To Heat Up

It’s no secret that the condo market is relatively slow right now. Sales are down, prices are more or less flat from a year ago, and inventory is at or near all time highs. Many people have been saying for quite some time that a crash in the condo market is imminent. The housing market […]

Time for Developers to do the Unthinkable?

There is growing evidence suggesting that the pre-construction market is cooling. Where projects were selling units at a record-breaking pace back in February/March, now the market has lost a lot of steam and sales at some high profile projects have all but dried up. Buyers have more choices than ever before as the amount unsold […]

Two Trends to Watch in the Toronto Condo Market

There are two trends that condo buyers will want to keep an eye on in the next several years. 1. Disappearing Parking Spots. There are now countless buildings downtown that are under construction that will have multiple-times more units than parking spots available. RCMI Condos by Tribute is actually being built with no parking spots at […]

How to Sell Your Condo and Buy a House: TOP 5 STAGING TIPS

If you are having trouble viewing this video, go here to see it on Youtube. Selling your condo can be a surprisingly time consuming and emotionally draining task, especially if you’ve never done it before. Having a plan from the start and working with an experienced professional can help you avoid mistakes and get your […]

How to sell your condo and buy a house: ROOFS

If you are having trouble viewing this video, go here. Unless you live on the penthouse level of your condo, the roof of your building is probably something you have never thought about. HOWEVER, when selling your condo and buying a house, you need to know that the roof of your home is one of […]

How to Sell Your Condo and Buy a House: BIDDING WARS

  You may or may not have experienced a bidding war when you bought your condo, however, when you are shopping for a house in Toronto, bidding wars are a reality that just about everyone has to deal with. First of all, bidding wars are extremely common in Toronto’s best neighbourhoods. Even though people like […]

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