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5 Things To Know About Parking Spots

Recently I was interviewed by the Globe and Mail for a story on the phenomenom of disappearing parking spots in downtown Toronto condos. It is a well established fact that developers are building fewer and fewer parking spots downtown, even as they are building more and more units than ever before. The most recent examples […]

Andrew la Fleur Featured on CBC’s The National

Yesterday the CBC National did a feature urban living trends in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. For the Toronto segment they were talking about how condos are getting smaller and they featured the notorious Smallest Condo in Toronto which is one of my investment properties. I was also interviewed for the piece and you can watch […]

Zoocasa Launches Zoopraisals: The End of Realtors is Nigh?

Rogers-owned real estate  portal Zoocasa launched a new service this week called “Zoopraisals“. CTV News quoted me in a story they posted on their website which you can read here if you like. They offer anyone a free home appraisal instantly over the internet without any strings attached. This brings Zoocasa one step closer to […]

CBC Radio "World at 6" Interview

Yesterday I was featured on a CBC national radio program, “The World at 6”, talking once again about the small condo phenomenon in Toronto. Have a listen! Questions or comments? Contact me. CBC Radio Interview from Andrew la Fleur on Vimeo.

Charles Adler Interview About The Smallest Condo in Toronto

OK. This will be the last post on this subject-I hope! I just had to share an interview I did yesterday with Charles Adler on his nationally syndicated radio program (AM640 in Toronto) about “The Smallest Condo in Toronto”. Charles and I talked for about 6 minutes about the “micro-condo” phenomenon in Toronto. I had […] Picks up the Smallest Condo in Toronto Story

Just 24 hours after wrote their article, and picked up the story too. You can read it here. While the articles were a fun read, what I found most interesting were the comments section of each article. The article on framed me as a landlord and Realtor. The comments were mostly […]

What Does The Smallest Condo In Toronto Look Like?

I never envisioned my face would be plastered on the front page of right next to a picture of Rob Ford laughing diabolically, but here we are. Check out this cute little article-with video- that Susan Pigg (The Star’s new real estate reporter) wrote about my investment unit at One Park West. What is interesting […]

Wall Street Journal Chimes in on the Toronto Condo Market

I guess this makes it official: everyone is talking about the Toronto condo market. I was interviewed a couple weeks ago for an article on our condo market by a writer for the Wall Street Journal, and today that article hit Read the entire article here. See what people on Twitter are saying about […]

Time to get Creative

The market is hot. Sellers are still driving the bus in this market and so when I’m working with buyers I often have to get very creative to get my clients what they are looking for. After viewing 6-8 condos with my buyer clients, I can usually figure out exactly what condo would be perfect […]

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery, But Plagiarism Bites

This has been an ongoing issue with my website almost since day one, so I thought I would finally write a blog post about it. I have had so many cases of other Realtors blatantly ripping off my website that I have lost count. I’m not talking about agents stealing concepts or general ideas that […]

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