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Why Ontario is the best place in the world to invest in real estate

Why Ontario Is the Best Place in the World to Invest in Real Estate

Something incredible and unique is happening in Ontario right now that makes us the envy of the western world. Our population growth destroys all other regions including our neighbours Illinois and New York both of which are actually facing a huge problem of shrinking populations! Ontario is quite possibly the best place in the world [...]

Why you can’t afford a house in New York, Hong Kong…and Toronto?

Read the original article here: TRANSCRIPT:  Speaker 1: This article is from BuzzBuzzHome and the headline is The Dream of Canadian Homeownership is in Danger according to CMHC. The homeownership rate is starting to come down across the country. From 2011 to 2016, the rate came down slightly. What's interesting is that most of [...]

Are Rents in Canada 36% Undervalued?

The OECD recently said that Canadian real estate prices are overvalued by 33% based on price:income ratio. Will Dunning is an economist who noted that when you use the same premise, you come to the conclusion that rents are undervalued in Canada by 36%. Could this be true? We take a closer look in this [...]