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How Condo Investing Solves the 3 Biggest Problems that Landlords Face

Andrew recently got back from a landlords conference where he was a speaker. He was shocked at the problems that landlords are facing in their duplexes, triplexes, and apartment buildings across Ontario. More and more Andrew is convinced that pre-construction condo investing offers huge advantages over traditional real estate investing. Listen to hear how condo [...]

What does it take to be a real estate investor?

What does it take to be a real estate investor? Does it take fortitude? Or is it something else? How come some people can buy multiple properties while others continually sit on the sidelines and do nothing? Find out what Andrew told his insurance guy about how to become a successful real estate investor on [...]

The 3 surprising reasons why more people don’t get rich investing in real estate

Statistically speaking, only about 5% of the population will ever own an investment property, yet it is the world’s most historically proven path to generating wealth. Andrew la Fleur gives his thoughts on why more people are not getting rich investing in real estate including 3 reasons that might surprise you. Related Links Interview Brad [...]

How to avoid the most common landlord mistakes with Harry Fine

In this episode we discuss the common mistakes landlords make with Harry Fine - Paralegal and Ontario’s leading expert in landlord-tenant issues. As a landlord, what you don’t know can hurt you, and if your actions contravene the landlord-tenant act you can get in serious trouble. Avoid headaches and potential problems by understanding some of [...]

Toronto’s Growing Problem: Too Many Condo Buyers

Click here to read the original article: TRANSCRIPT Andrew: Well it's a theme that we've been talking about a lot for the past few months and that is the fact that all these new government rules are forcing people into the condo market and they're really distorting the whole real estate market by pushing [...]

Is this really the best way to solve a housing crisis?

Click here to read the original article: TRANSCRIPT  This article is from Global News, and the headline is, "BC budget: new housing taxes might not knock down prices, but they could help tame them." So I'm often interested to watch and take a note of what's happening in Vancouver, because oftentimes, whatever happens in [...]

79% of millennials want this kind of housing

Click here to read the original article: TRANSCRIPT  Speaker 1: What type of housing is missing in the GTA according to millennials? Well from this article in BuzzBuzzHome, titled Toronto Millennials Are Calling for This Kind of Housing Fast, the answer is two and three bedroom condos. This articles says that, "79% in a [...]

What’s the next hot market in the GTA? The answer might surprise you

Click here to read the original article: TRANSCRIPT  Speaker 1: What is the next up and coming area to invest in, in a GTA? Well, if you as Ben Meyers in this article here that he wrote in Buzz Buzz Home the answer is Hamilton. And Ben is not alone, more and more people [...]

Should I invest in a condo or a townhouse in 2018?

Andrew speaks with Florence about her regretting selling a previous investment and whether or not she should invest in a condo or a townhouse this year in 2018. [popup_trigger id="36861" tag="button"]Ask a Question[/popup_trigger] TRANSCRIPT Andrew: Welcome to the Ask Andrew Podcast, real questions from real condo investors. You ask, I answer. Hi, and welcome back to [...]

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