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Is your home a piece of art or a money making tool

Do you view your home as a work of art to be admired or a tool to be used to generate wealth and secure your financial future? Too many people make the mistake of viewing their principal residence as some kind of object to be acquired, then admired, all the while accumulating massive amounts of [...]

It’s pretty much a “guarantee” my investment will go up, right?

John asks how to make money investing in condos. Can anything really go wrong? Is it pretty much a guarantee that his investment will go up? He wants to make sure he doesn't lose any more. Who does Andrew work for? Does he represent the builder? Finally, a bit of talk on investing in Mississauga. Ask [...]

6 keys to real estate investing success in 2018

In this episode Andrew la Fleur shares his 6 keys for real estate investing success in 2018. How can you maximize your chances of success and profits in 2018? What should you focus on, and what should you ignore? Whether you are a brand new investor or a seasoned investor with dozens of units, you [...]

200 years of stability in the Toronto real estate market – with Igor Dragovic

On this episode, Andrew la Fleur talks to returning guest Igor Dragovic (Senior Planner with the City of Toronto). Igor has looked at the last 200 years of Toronto real estate and has discovered some amazing patterns. 2017 was a year of unbelievable highs in the Toronto real estate market but how does it stack [...]

Is everyone moving to the 905?

Read the original article here:   TRANSCRIPT: Speaker 1: This next article's from the Toronto Star. It is headlined, "Renters pushed to the 905 as vacancies hit 16-year low." This is talking about the latest stats from Urbanation tracking the rental market. Always interesting to see what Urbanation has to say on the market, [...]

Why today’s condo investors should be excited about the future with Ben Myers

Ben Myers is a long time industry veteran having worked as an analyst and developer for more than a decade. In this episode Ben and Andrew look ahead to the market in 2018 and discuss the incredible growth in the rental market, what upward and downward market pressures Ben is tracking for 2018, and some [...]

4 reasons to buy your principal residence first, and investment property later

When you’re buying your first condo, there is no shortage of decisions to make. Much of the decision-making attention may go towards factors such as location, finishes and price point. But there is another important consideration, one not all homebuyers—even the most experienced among them—agree on. Do you buy a principal residence or an investment […]

Can Justin Trudeau stop you from buying real estate?

Click here to read the original article: TRANSCRIPT: Greetings, Condo Investors. Thanks for checking out this video. This article is from BuzzBuzzHome and the headline is, "Is the Bank of Mom and Dad Driving up Demand and Prices in Canada's Housing Market?" So, it's talking about the fact that they did a survey and [...]

How to get 100% occupancy in your condo on Airbnb

In this episode Andrew la Fleur discusses renting out your condo on Airbnb with a condo investor and Realtor Lillian Hanna. Lillian has first hand experience as an Airbnb landlord in her downtown condo. What are the potential risks and rewards of using Airbnb? What are the important things to know for condo investors and [...]

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