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How Do You Become a Successful Real Estate Investor?

Andrew la Fleur has noticed over the years of working with hundreds of real estate investors that the most successful investors share certain characteristics. In this episode Andrew breaks down his top-8 characteristics of the most successful real estate investors and he contrasts these with the characteristics of those who fail at real estate investing [...]

Why Did Canada’s Biggest Investor Just Spend $2.8B on High-End Student Housing?

That’s what’s happening now with the recent announcements that the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is investing $2.8B in 2 separate transactions on high-end student housing in the UK. The CPP is the largest investing body in Canada with around $270B in assets. Since the CPP is funded by your tax dollars, you just invested in […]

How Much Will My Condo Be Worth in 5 Years True Condos

How Much Will My Condo Be Worth in 5 Years?

If you are thinking about investing in a new condo you are probably wondering what is the upside and where will prices be in 5 years from now? How much profit will I make? It is an important question and one I will answer now but it’s a bit of a red herring. So many […]

Investing In Condos With No Money Down

What if I told you I had a condo investment opportunity that was so good that it could actually generate you a positive return even if you put down $0 of your own money? I know it sounds like a scam, but it’s not. Let me explain… One of my tools that I use for […]

The Ultimate DIY Guide to Renting Your Condo for Top Dollar – Without Using an Agent

Note: The following is a post written by Alexander Yolevski, Condo Investor & Marketing Manager at Using a Platinum agent when purchasing a pre-construction condo is key to making sure you get the floorplan you want, the best price, any purchaser incentives being offered, and most importantly, someone with many years experience who has […]

Should Condo Investors Fear the Rental Apartment Boom?

[For more information on this topic, check out a podcast I did here] It seems like once a month now a major rental tower is announced in Toronto. Existing condo sites are being converted into rental buildings, and upcoming high rise sites that last year would almost certainly be condos are today being proposed as […]

Why the Rental Apartment Boom is a Good Thing for Condo Investors

In this solo episode, Andrew la Fleur presents an oral essay on why the rental apartment boom we are seeing in Toronto is a good thing for individual condo investors. There are 5 forces at play that when taken into account indicate a bright future for the condo market. Related Links Financial Post Article: Apartment [...]

HST Rebates & Condo Investing with Tax Expert Mark Purdy

When it comes to condo investing one of the most confusing and most misunderstood subjects is HST and HST rebates. I have found a great guy that I want to introduce to all my condo investor clients and listeners of this podcast. His name is Mark Purdy and he is a tax consultant. Listen to [...]

How To Create A Winning Formula For Condo Investors With Riz Dhanji

Andrew la Fleur talks to Riz Dhanji, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Canderel, about how Canderel creates this winning formula for condo investors, his thoughts on if there is a condo bubble in Toronto, and his own personal investment strategy. Interview Highlights 00:58 Who is Riz Dhanji and What is Canderel? 2:18 How [...]

How to Invest Like a Condo Insider With Matthew Slutsky

Andrew la Fleur of talks to Matthew Slutsky, Co-Founder of, about his own personal condo investments, his outlook on the current Toronto condo market, and tips for both beginner and seasoned Toronto condo investors. Interview Highlights 00:55 First iTunes Review of The True Condos Podcast 1:42 Who is Matthew Slutsky? 3:10 How and [...]

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