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July 2018 Stats: Is the Market Hot Now?

The July numbers are in and the headlines are screaming that the market is back baby! Sales are up 18% and prices are up 5%, but what is really going on? Andrew breaks down the numbers and goes behind the headlines to give you the information that you need as a condo investor to understand [...]

Toronto’s Growing Problem: Too Many Condo Buyers

Click here to read the original article: TRANSCRIPT Andrew: Well it's a theme that we've been talking about a lot for the past few months and that is the fact that all these new government rules are forcing people into the condo market and they're really distorting the whole real estate market by pushing [...]

I told you so: Did you see this terrible sounding headline?

Click here to read the original article: TRANSCRIPT Well, I hate to say I told you so, but check this out. The latest headline is in from the Huffington Post, and it reads, "In Toronto's housing market, the party is really over. Latest data shows sales of low rise homes were down 45% in [...]

Should You Buy an Old Condo for Investment?

Click here to read the original article: SHOULD YOU BUY AN OLD CONDO FOR INVESTMENT? This article is from The Globe and Mail and the headline is "Looking for the best return in the condo market? Buy old." Basically, it's talking about how they did a statistical analysis and the numbers were from Urbanation [...]

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