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Is everyone moving to the 905?

Read the original article here:   TRANSCRIPT: Speaker 1: This next article's from the Toronto Star. It is headlined, "Renters pushed to the 905 as vacancies hit 16-year low." This is talking about the latest stats from Urbanation tracking the rental market. Always interesting to see what Urbanation has to say on the market, [...]

2 Bedroom Condo Rentals Increased by How Much??

Click here for read the original article: TRANSCRIPT Speaker 1: This article is from blogTO, and the headline is, "Cost of two bedroom rentals continues to soar in Toronto," so we talk a lot about the value today of getting a two bedroom or three bedroom unit for investment and the massive shortage that [...]

Why do condo rents keep rising?

Toronto condo rental market soars on heels of new measures As the housing market in Toronto cools, the rental market is especially hot following the announcement of new provincial housing measures, according to a report from Urbanation Inc. I want to read the full article. Mayor John Tory says $4.8B of federal transit funding is [...]

Will I be Able to Rent Out My Condo?

One of the most common questions that I get asked from first time condo investors is will I be able to rent out my condo once it is complete? In this episode I look at the latest numbers from Urbanation on the Toronto Condo rental market from Q2-2015. The bottom line is that the condo [...]

The Ultimate DIY Guide to Renting Your Condo for Top Dollar – Without Using an Agent

Note: The following is a post written by Alexander Yolevski, Condo Investor & Marketing Manager at Using a Platinum agent when purchasing a pre-construction condo is key to making sure you get the floorplan you want, the best price, any purchaser incentives being offered, and most importantly, someone with many years experience who has […]