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About Collecdev Collecdev is a development company dedicated to building better communities. We champion an integrated approach, based on our pillars of good development and design. SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY Building communities that anticipate the future while balancing today’s needs is the cornerstone of Social Sustainability. This results in a constantly evolving outlook, and our continued refinement [...]

pinnacle international developer logo

Pinnacle International

About Pinnacle International Pinnacle International is one of North America’s leading builders of luxury condominium residences, master-planned communities, hotels and commercial developments. Based in Vancouver, BC, Pinnacle has been involved in the development, design, construction and management of their projects for over 40 years. With this experience and expertise, Pinnacle has completed over 10,000 residences [...]

fernbrook homes developer logo

Fernbrook Homes

About Fernbrook Homes At Fernbrook Homes we believe that taking care of our customers is our first and most important priority. From the moment you walk into one of our sales centres, to long after you've moved into your new home, we take care of you. We take care to ensure our home designs are [...]

great gulf developer logo true condos

Great Gulf

About Great Gulf Great Gulf is an award winning builder and developer of new homes and condos in Toronto, Milton, Sharon Village, Bradford, Oakville, Whitby and Brampton. For 40 years, this guiding principle has embodied the spirit of innovation within each of our 40,000 homes. It's why every Great Gulf house or condominium is built [...]

Mattamy Homes Developer Logo True Condos

Mattamy Homes

About Mattamy Homes Today, Mattamy Homes is recognized as North America's largest privately-owned home and condo builders. They've built out a portfolio of 90,000 homeowners in hundreds of communities. Browse through our recently featured developments that were built by Mattamy Homes. Each project is unique and empasizes Mattamy's continuous effort in creating communties, rather than [...]

minto communities developer official logo true condos

Minto Communities

About Minto Communities For more than 60 years, Minto Communities Canada has been building new homes, master-planned communities and condominiums, one home and one relationship at a time. From condos to single-family homes, Minto Communities Canada offers homes in master-planned communities and condominiums for individuals, couples and families at almost every stage of life. Minto [...]

Daniels Corporation Official Developer Logo True Condos

The Daniels Corporation

About the Daniels Corporation The Daniels Corporation builds with a passion for creating vibrant communities in every sense of the word. Daniels looks beyond the bricks and mortar, including social, cultural and economic infrastructures that will create a unique sense of place. This commitment has been an integral part of Daniels’ corporate philosophy for over [...]

Developers Not Building Any More Office Buildings in Toronto?

Click here to read the original article: TRANSCRIPT  And this article is from the Globe and Mail and the headline is, In Toronto's Land War, Condo Builders are Better Armed. So, it's talking about the rising price of land and how there's this sort of war between condo builders, residential builders, and office builders [...]


Greed is bad. Greed distorts reality and greed in the condo market hurts both buyers and sellers, consumers and developers. Recently I’ve noticed some signs of greed finding its way into the downtown condo market. To me, this is a sign the market is about to change as an impending inventory surge in the resale […]

July Statistics for New Condo Sales

When it comes to real estate statistics, I always take everything with a grain of salt. Fact is, most real estate statistics are compiled and released for general media consumption by the real estate industry: Real Estate Boards, CMHC, Real Estate Marketing companies, Realtors, Lenders, etc. They have a vested interest in a robust housing […]

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