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How to Analyze The Condo Market Like A Pro with Ben Myers

Andrew la Fleur sits down with Ben Myers, the VP of Market Research & Analytics at Fortress Real Developments. Listen to them discuss the state of the condo market across Canada, the "condo bubble" theory, and the Blue Jays chances this year. Interview Highlights 0:50 iTunes Podcast Reviews of the Week 3:20 Who is Ben [...]

Condo Investment: Is it Better To Buy On A Higher Floor or Lower Floor?

When investing in a pre-construction condo, a question that always comes up is: “Is it better to buy on a lower floor, and pay a lower price, or to buy on a higher floor but pay a higher price?” So let’s try to answer that classic, shall we? Background When selling a building in the […]

3 Powerful Reasons Why The Toronto Condo Market Did Not Crash

There has been a lot of talk over the last year about how the condo market in Toronto was due for a major correction. The big buzz earlier this year with US based hedge funds was ‘shorting’ the Toronto condo market. Today the headlines read that this gamble was a complete failure and anyone who […]

5 Reasons Why There Are Still Bidding Wars in the Toronto Condo Market

We are definitely in a buyer’s market. The overall sales:listing ratio for December was only 19% for downtown. Well below the 25% threshold to call it a buyer’s market. For at least the last 6 months, the media has been full of reports of the imminent collapse of the condo market with predictions ranging from […]

September 2012 Downtown Condo Market Snap Shot

  The latest stats for the downtown condo market are now available from TREB. I won’t be doing a full blown analysis today but here is a snap shot of what the numbers say for the September 2012 results. Once again, this data is for the downtown condo market only. In short, the trend that […]

Three Interesting Tidbits From The August 2012 Condo Market Stats

The August sales figures are out from the Toronto Real Estate Board. Here is what I found most interesting: 1. Sales:Listing Ratio Holds Steady Those of you who read my stuff often know that this is my favourite statistic. The sales to listing ratio held steady at 23% in August-the same number as July. Sales […]

9 Things to Know about The Downtown Condo Market

1. Supply is Growing Supply is at an all time high, even surpassing the mini-market peak of mid-2010. The silver lining on this is that supply is generally highest around June every year and tapers off in the second half of the year. If this happens the market will probably be fine. Will this trend […]

Downtown Condo Market Now a Buyer’s Market

Buyer’s Market The downtown condo market is now a buyer’s market for the first time in over 3 years. The stats just came out for the month of June and the sales:listing ratio for downtown condos has dropped to 26% which represents the lowest level since March of 2009. (For a refresher on why the […]

Why New Condo Prices Will Not Fall

I came across this phenomenal chart from the fine folks at Realnet showing the inventory levels of new housing/condo launches in the GTA. Newly released product so far in 2012 is down 31% in Toronto (416) compared to what was released by developers at this point last year. This chart reminds me why those who […]

The Most Important Statistic in the Toronto Condo Market

After a couple weeks of relief, the media is once again full of stories of the Toronto condo market’s imminent demise. It seems everyone is talking about the Toronto condo market right now and yet once again there are so many mixed messages it’s hard to know who to believe. A quote from a recent […]

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