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Erwin Szeto Podcast

Erwin Szeto: Investor. Realtor. Podcaster. Wealth Hacker

Erwin Szeto is an investor, Realtor, podcaster, and self-described “wealth hacker”. Hear his journey as a real estate investor and learn more about his upcoming Wealth Hacker Conference with Grant Cardone on this episode. Interested in attending the conference? Listen to the end for a special promo code for 10% off tickets. Subscribe and listen [...]

The 3 surprising reasons why more people don’t get rich investing in real estate

Statistically speaking, only about 5% of the population will ever own an investment property, yet it is the world’s most historically proven path to generating wealth. Andrew la Fleur gives his thoughts on why more people are not getting rich investing in real estate including 3 reasons that might surprise you. Related Links Interview Brad [...]

The emotional side of investing in real estate

Condo investment might seem like a cold, hard numbers game—but it’s also an emotional experience with its own unique set of highs and lows. There’s a ton of advice out there about the numbers side of things, less so for the emotional rollercoaster you’re about to hop on. Because of that, I’ve rounded up six […]