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Why Condos Are Going to Kill It Under the New Mortgage Rules with Mortgage Jake

In this episode we get the always informative and engaging Mortgage Jake (Jake Abramowicz) to talk about the new mortgage rule changes (i.e. the stress test). Find out why Jake says condos are going to “kill it”, why you should refinance your existing properties NOW, and why you might actually better off putting less money [...]

In depth analysis of the new mortgage stress test with David Larock

Mortgage broker David Larock is back and here to provide his in depth analysis of the new mortgage rule changes - the stress test and it’s implications to our market.  What are the new rules, who do they benefit, who do they hurt, how many buyers will this actually effect. Are the big banks worried [...]

More New Mortgage Rules Coming to Benefit Condo Investors?

The Federal government has proposed another major new change to mortgage qualification in Canada. If approved, this change would add huge demand for condos - both to buy and to rent. Find out what these changes are and what they mean for condo investors with Jake Abramowicz - mortgage agent and returning guest of the [...]

The One Mistake So Many Homeowners Make and What to Do Instead

There is one mistake that so many home and condo owners are making, one that in the long run will cost them hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Find out what this mistake is and what you should do instead. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS 3:15 Equity in their home. 7:25 Greatest decision that anyone can [...]

Why Paying Off Your Mortgage Is a Terrible Idea and What You Should Do Instead

So you have a little extra money and you’re thinking about using it to pay down your mortgage - is that a good idea, or should you be doing something else instead? Andrew la Fleur shares his controversial opinion on debt, and shares some ‘secrets of the rich’ in this episode. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS 2:05 Debt [...]