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226 The Best Mortgage Advice for Real Estate Investors in 2019

The Best Mortgage Advice for Real Estate Investors in 2019

Jake Abramowicz, aka Mortgage Jake, is back on the podcast to share his advice and insights for real estate investors in 2019. Learn the best strategies and tactics for getting the best mortgages and building out your portfolio this year. Related Links Find Mortgage Jake on Facebook Find Mortgage Jake on Twitter Check out all [...]

Variable vs. Fixed Rate Debate Solved Once and For All – with Dustan Woodhouse

In Canada approximately 18% of all mortgages are variable rate mortgages. Dustan Woodhouse is one of Canada’s top mortgage brokers and 93% of his clients get variable rate mortgages - find out why on today’s episode. Related Links Dustan Woodhouse website Dustan’s video blog on Variable vs. Fixed Click Here for Episode Transcript Andrew la [...]

Trying to Preserve Our Real Estate Utopia

We are the envy of the world. We have a stable government, solid economy, peaceful culture, and the Toronto condo market is the biggest and best in North America. Unfortunately the US is still a total gong show and continues to threaten to drag us and the rest of the free world down. The government is trying […]

New Mortgage Rules Aimed at Cooling the Condo Market

Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced changes to the way mortgages are given out in this country today that are said to help prevent a housing bubble from forming. The keyword being prevent, meaning the government is very clear that they do not believe a housing bubble exists. I would have to agree with the […]

Mortgage Rates Heading Back Down?

Mortgage rates have risen sharply over the past 2 months. Getting a 5-year fixed rate in the mid to low 3s was possible just a few weeks ago, but now 5-year rates are hovering around the low 4s with most lenders. Still, rates are very close to all-time lows and money is cheap. I got […]

Mortgage Rates Going Up Tomorrow

I’ve been telling my active buyer clients this for the past couple of weeks, but for those of you who are just readers and subscribers to this blog, get your application for pre-approval in ASAP because mortgage rates are definitely going up this week. Remember that most pre-approvals last for 90-120 days so if you […]