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How to get ahead of the competition when investing in pre-construction condos

When investing in the ultra competitive Toronto real estate market, you want whatever advantage you can get. Any slight edge can make a huge difference on your long term return on investment. But with so many investors competing for properties, how do you get ahead of the pack? Here, I’ll show you how to get […]

6 factors that make pre-construction condos a better investment than buying resale

Resale condos have obvious appeal. They are available right now, right? There’s no waiting around for years like with a pre-construction unit, and most of the latter aren’t solid investments anyways. Well, it’s more complicated than that. These six factors will demonstrate that. Condos are commodities In Toronto, condos are the future of housing as […]

How to get the Insider Market Advantage when investing in pre-construction condos

What is the Insider Market Advantage and how do you get it when you are investing in pre-construction condos? Find out on this episode where Andrew la Fleur also delves into the key differences in resale condo investing vs. pre-construction and the key reasons why you should always buy pre-construction. Episode Highlights 1:18 Why you [...]

Why Should I Invest in Pre-Construction Condos?

In this episode, Andrew la Fleur talks about the “why” behind pre-construction condo investing and answers many of the most common objections to investing in pre-construction condos such as, “Isn’t it better to buy resale and get income right away?” and “Aren’t houses a better investment than condos?”. Highlights Should you be a direct investor [...]