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Ritz Carlton Infographic

If you have not read the post that this infographic is based off, read it here. Feel free to repost this on your blog, twitter feed, facebook page, email it to your friends and family, etc. All I ask is for a link back to this page. Thank you!  

Warning Signs in the Ultra-Luxury Market

There are some signs of cracks forming in the foundation of the ultra-luxury condo market in Toronto. Two months ago I wrote a blog post about the Absorption Rates at some downtown condos, and how units at brand new, high-end buildings are not selling. At that time, there was a 30 month supply of inventory […]

Absorption Rates

I wanted to dig a little deeper for today’s blog post and take a look at absorption rates in various condos. Looking at Festival Tower got me thinking about this subject. Festival Tower has a plethora of units available for sale, but hardly anything is actually selling. The building is stunning. The amenities are amazing, […]

Ritz-Carlton One Day Sale

The Ritz Carlton is having a One Day Sale to celebrate their grand opening and imminent completion of the building. On Saturday April 30, buyers are invited to purchase one of the last remaining suites at specially discounted prices. Contact me for more details. The Residences of The Ritz-Carlton is almost complete. The hotel opened up a […]

Is Toronto Special?

I love my overseas clients. They have such a different perspective on the Toronto condo market than we locals do. In general, they are far more optimistic and excited about the future potential of our city than we ourselves often are. They understand that the Toronto condo market is special. I was meeting a new […]

First Impressions: Residences of the Ritz Carlton

Today I had opportunity to perform the PDI (pre-delivery inspection) on behalf of an overseas client who purchased at The Residences of The Ritz Carlton. The building is the first of what I call the “Big-4” to be undergoing occupancy in the downtown core. The Big-4 are the 4 condo/hotels backed by major international luxury […]

Developers Getting Aggressive With Buyer Incentives

Resale prices have dropped, sales figures are a fraction of what they were a year ago, and buyers are out there but reluctant to pull the trigger. What’s a Toronto condo developer to do? In a slow market, developers are loathe to actually lower their prices as it devalues the entire project, pisses off previous […]

The Best Penthouse in Toronto: Ritz-Carlton

Welcome to your online guide to “The Best Penthouse Suites in Toronto“. In this installment I will be profiling the penthouse suite at The Residences At The Ritz-Carlton. Author’s note: This blog post was originally published in 2008. Hence, some of this information may be out of date. For the most up-to-date information regarding the […]