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223 15 Reasons Why Toronto Condo Prices Have Doubled and Why They Will Double Again

15 Reasons Why Toronto Condo Prices Have Doubled and Why They Will Double Again

Why have condo prices gone up so fast in the last decade? As Ben Myers put it, the reasons are many and complicated. There’s not just 1 factor driving this market. In this episode Andrew la Fleur breaks down 15 reasons why condo prices have doubled in recent years and why they will most certainly [...]

Introducing the Ask Andrew Podcast

In this special episode of the True Condos Podcast, Andrew la Fleur is the one being interviewed for a change to announce the launch of a brand new podcast called the Ask Andrew Podcast. Find out what it is and why he started it on this episode. ANDREW LA FLEUR INTERVIEW HIGHLIGHTS 1:01 What is [...]

Condo market stronger than ever so why do these myths still persist?

The condo market is stronger and hotter than ever before. Condos are the future. Condos are the only affordable housing option that exists in the GTA. Our market is strong, our buildings are full, and supply can’t keep up with demand. And yet many people still hold on to ridiculous beliefs that are simply not [...]

3 Ways How the BREXIT Could Affect the Toronto Real Estate Market

Last week Britain shocked the world when they voted to leave the European Union. This immediately had huge impact on Britain’s economy and currency. In the long term, this decision could impact the Toronto real estate market. Listen to this episode to find out how. Related Links 3 effects of Brexit on the city of [...]

How to Create Wealth Through Real Estate Even in Turbulent Times

Returning back to the True Condos Podcast is one of our favourite people to talk to about the Toronto condo market: Riz Dhanji. Riz has been an industry leader in the condominium world for decades and has sold thousand of condos across Canada and even in Asia. At the start of 2016, the global equity [...]

Understanding the Big Picture in Regent Park with Jacob Cohen of Daniels Corp

On this episode Andrew la Fleur sits down with Jacob Cohen of Daniels to get an update on the rapidly changing regent park neighbourhood and they talk about the latest new project in the area - The Bartholomew condos and towns Jacob Cohen Interview Highlights 0:20 What to Expect in this Interview 4:00 How Jacob [...]