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Here are just some of the key facts that I want to emphasize with you to show you how special this building will be:

1. It’s the tallest building in Canada

It’s not just going to be the tallest condo in Canada, it’s going to be the tallest building at 1005 feet (306m).

From the penthouse you will be literally looking down on every structure in the city with the exception of the CN Tower.

2. World-Class Retailers and Restaurants

The first 6 levels of the building are going to be home to world class retail shops and restaurants.

The unconfirmed rumor is that Apple will be the flagship tenant in the base of the building taking up the ground floor and concourse level. There will be several internationally known restaurant brands opening as well – all of which I’m told do not exist yet in Canada but are well known.

And yes, the restaurants will deliver to your suite.

3. Foster and Partners exo-skeleton building design.

The building will feature Fosters famous exo-skeleton design which makes the building 6-times stronger than a traditional building and eliminates any interior columns in the units allowing for some incredible square floor plans.

4. Every unit will have an amazing view.

The lowest unit in the building will be on the 19th level which is equivalent to approximately the 30th floor due to the expansively high ceilings on the first 6 levels of retail.

5. 24/7/365 Heated outdoor infinity pool

The rooftop pool will be heated year round for all residents to enjoy. Even the patio surrounding the pool will have a heated floor for snow melt. Imagine jumping in the pool in January and stepping out on a heated pool deck.

6. Proprietary windows designed by Fosters

Everything in the buildings are designed by Fosters including the windows which are not available anywhere else. They are 8′ panels with a special grey tint that is proprietary to Fosters that will allow for maximum enjoyment of the city views.

7. Interior Window Benches Standard

The exoskeleton design also allows for unique window benches (seen in many of the interior suite renderings) which gives the suites a timeless look and offers functionality and beauty.

On every 6th floor these will wrap around the entire unit in all rooms, on all the other floors they will be standard in the living room areas only.

8. Next Generation Machine Learning Elevators

There will be 8 elevator bays in the tower which is incredible considering there are only 416 suites. Most buildings of this size would have 3 elevators.

But what is special is that they are learning elevators that ‘float’ while they learn and adapt to the residents schedules and patterns of coming and going. If you leave at 7:43am every morning for work the elevator will know this and be waiting for you.

9. Four Separate Mechanical floors throughout the building.

Instead of just dumping the mechanical all on the roof like most condo towers, the mechanical components are spread out over 4 floors which breaks up the design of the tower.

Having multiple mechanical floors allows for a more efficiently operated building and better air flow for heating and cooling.

Also, I’m told that at night they can be completely blacked out so that the tower will have a visual look of 4 floating cubes in the sky. Very cool!

They will also be lit up with LED lights based on events that are happening such as red for Canada or blue when the Leafs win the Stanley Cup (one can dream, right?).

10. Hail the elevator and your car instantly

You will be able to hail an elevator and your car from the valet with the push of a button on your phone before you even leave your suite with the building’s smart phone app.




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