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The Toronto Condo Market This Week – December 16, 2016

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Realtors say Canadian home prices will edge lower in 2017

Anticipating higher mortgage rates and fewer first-time buyers next year, the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is adjusting its national housing market forecast for 2017.

Townhomes offer solution to Toronto real-estate conumdrum

Towns offer an affordable solution for those who’ve outgrown their condo but can’t afford a single-family home in the exploding GTA market.

VMC: Explosive Growth Shaping Vaughan's New Downtown

North of Toronto’s city limits, Vaughan’s new urban centre is rising at a SimCity pace.

Micro Condos Are Still Trending In Canada

Are micro condos still a thing, or a novelty? Well, if you’ve been keeping up on real estate prices in Canada, then you already know that condo is king. So the real question is, how “big” is small-space living?