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The Toronto Condo Market This Week (November 6, 2015)

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toronto condo market news piece november 6

Canadian Condos Offer Free Nissan LEAFs If Tenants Buy Parking Spaces

One Toronto real estate company is taking a drastic step in condominium purchasing incentives by offering new residents a free Nissan LEAF if the resident buys a parking space equipped with an EV charging station along with the condo.

Whole blocks of Yonge St. boarded up as condos soar

Toronto is a city undergoing massive transformation, a fact which is underscored with particular weight when one walks up its main artery. Long the heart of hodgepodge retail in Toronto, Yonge St. is in the midst of being reborn as the city’s primary condo corridor.

Frantic homebuyers set new October sales record

Neither the Blue Jays’ winning streak nor Stephen Harper’s losing streak managed to distract frantic homebuyers across the GTA as sales set a record for the month of October and the region remains on pace to see more homes change hands by the end of 2015 than ever before.

Toronto, Vancouver house prices still soaring, stats show

Canada’s two hottest housing markets are seeing house prices escalate into record territory in October — a time when real estate sales typically slow down.