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This small change will make a big difference for this Toronto neighbourhood

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When it comes to real estate investing some times small changes can make a big difference. Here’s an example of one of those things that I’m talking about.

So from, TTC approves Humber Bay Shores shuttle bus to Mimico GO station. Board also approves bus service between Kipling and Sherwood Gardens. So, couple of new little TTC bus routes that have come up and when there’s new transit added to an area or announced about an area, that’s generally a good sign for real estate investors. Those are things you want to watch for. If you can get ahead of the curve, the GO train being extended out to Niagara and the impact it’s going to have on the Niagara-Hamilton corridor. That’s another thing we’ve been talking about a lot.

Here is a very small change, it’s just a simple little bus route that’s going to take people from Etobicoke, Lake Shore that big cluster of condominiums at Park Lawn, excuse me and Lake Shore. And there’s more and more condo buildings being added there all the time.

Big complaint for people, residents who live in that area is that the tremendous amount of traffic congestion during the rush hours getting in and out of there. They had no rapid transit options, so now there’s going to be a bus that basically loops around that area and takes them directly into the Mimico GO station, where they can quickly get to Union station from there so that’s a nice little development to see. It’s a band-aid solution on the bigger problem that exists in that area. Hopefully, hopefully at some point they will approve some kind of an LRT connection, which has been proposed and talked about in the past to that neighborhood but for the people who live there this is very good news.

And again for real estate investors if you’re looking at areas to invest in, these are the kind of news headlines that you really want to take note of and watch for and understand how they can impact real estate values moving forward. How they can drive more demand, higher rents, higher real estate values as time goes by. This is good news. Good news for the Humber Bay Shores area.

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