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Two New Condo Projects Rejected Based on Height

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Rejected Condo Projects in Toronto

The City’s love/hate affair with tall buildings continues. Toronto is one of most high-rise friendly cities in the world, with more projects proposed, under construction, or recently completed than just about every city in the developed world. Still, developers face an uphill battle when looking to build ‘up’. Last week, two condo project proposals were rejected based primarily on the fact that the proposed towers were too tall.

Giraffe Condos at Bloor and Dundas (27 Storeys, TAS DesignBuild) had their project rejected at the OMB, and Theatre Park at King and University (45 Storeys, Brad Lamb) had their project rejected by City Hall. Both decisions were focused on the height of the buildings making them ‘out of context’ for the area they would occupy.

On the surface, the news for Giraffe is potentially worse than for Theatre Park, as once a project is rejected at the OMB level, there is no higher authority for developers to appeal the decision in front of. Brad Lamb can and likely will take their case directly to the OMB as the city is unlikely to concede what they are seeking (45 storeys).

No word yet on what will happen to purchasers at Giraffe, or whether TAS will appeal the OMB’s decision. The future of what would have been a landmark condo tower and potential neighbourhood changer is definitely in doubt. Giraffe has been selling units for about 2 years. Theatre Park has not opened a sales office or started marketing the project in any way, but word on the street is they have been selling units to insiders since the fall.

While I am by definition in favour of more high-rise development downtown, and especially on the subway lines, I believe there is a case to be made for ensuring our condo towers fit into the context of their surroundings and do not adversely affect the street life at the ground level.

To follow some of the discussions on Giraffe or Theatre Park, check out the message boards.

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