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Update on College Park 3: Aura

It has been quite a whirlwind over the past month or so with Aura taking up much of my time and nearly all the requests I have received from my website over the past month has been about the 75 storey mega tower from Canderel Stoneridge, set to be erected at Yonge and Gerrard. Here is the latest on Aura:

The VIP period is over. The broker’s event basically sold out the building in a matter of hours. See more on the broker’s event on my last two posts over at But does that mean there are no suites left? NO! THERE ARE STILL SUITES AVAILABLE AT AURA!

All of the suites currently available are on the executive level floors (56 and higher) and are starting at around $500-600K for 1+dens. The executive level suites are entirely upgraded from top to bottom and are in fact, a separate condominium altogether from the lower floors. Canderel has done something quite unique in separating the lower and upper floors into what will eventually be 2 condo corporations within 1 building. An interesting fact: the maintenance fees are much lower  on the executive levels than the lower levels (33 cents per square foot versus 49 cents on the lower), although the prices are much higher due to the various upgrades. If you are interested in purchasing an Executive Level suite at Aura, please contact me.

So what is next? Next up is going to be the highly anticipated PUBLIC LAUNCH. Yes, they have held off specific floors for the public launch. However, they have not held off very many floors. They have not announced the date of the public launch, however, it will likely be either the first or second Saturday in April. As soon as the public launch date is announced I do expect there will be a line up of agents once again at the door of the sales office. They will once again wait for days and days to get their shot at buying a unit.

What will the prices be at the public launch and what suites will be available? Those questions are anyone’s guess. We will have to wait and see what happens.

If you are still interested in purchasing a suite at Aura, please contact me to discuss the best strategy for getting you the unit you want.

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