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What Does The Smallest Condo In Toronto Look Like?


I never envisioned my face would be plastered on the front page of right next to a picture of Rob Ford laughing diabolically, but here we are. Check out this cute little article-with video- that Susan Pigg (The Star’s new real estate reporter) wrote about my investment unit at One Park West. What is interesting or ‘newsworthy’ of this condo is that it is possibly the smallest condo in the entire city at 301 square feet.

I guess you could say I put my money where my mouth is when it comes to the Regent Park revitalization project. I first started blogging several years ago about One Cole, then last year it was One Park West, now this week it’s Paintbox. It’s no secret I am a believer in the redevelopment that is happening in Regent Park, and I’m happy to say my own piece of the puzzle has turned out fantastic.

I know that many people within the real estate industry in Toronto are still highly skeptical that Regent Park will overcome it’s stigma and reputation as a ‘bad’ area, built progressively over the last 50+ years, but I’m not one of them. I believe when the redevelopment is complete in around 5-7 years this area will be a great middle-class, family-type neighbourhood in the heart of downtown. Something unique and an affordable area that people will not only want to live in, but also spend their free time in.

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