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What’s Really Going on in the Toronto Real Estate Market in 2018?


What are the media headlines not telling you about the current state of the market? In this episode Andrew la Fleur talks to Jason Mercer – the director of Market Analysis for the Toronto Real Estate Board to get his take on the market. As one of Toronto’s foremost experts on the real estate market, discover what is the single most important statistic he tracks each month as well as the critical long term trends that he is following.


2:35 Tell us a little bit about your story and how did you get started in real estate.
4:35 How do you see your role or is it fair to have dual role?
6:12 Do you get involved when the government implemented changes?
8:30 Do you look at the stats daily or monthly tracking?
11:35 What’s the 1st number that you look at when you say take the month’s stat?
14:13 How’s the market?
16:45 We’ve got 2 months of data for 2018, is there anything that surprised you so far?
18:30 What are the current set of headlines that you’re seeing that is missing?
24:12 We need to look at the bigger diversity of supply.
28:50 Where do you see a great opportunity to buy right now if you want to invest?
31:50 Do you think the government in a way has screwed up the real estate market?
36:09 What are you tracking long term and what are you more interested at?
38:01 What’s your take on the rental market?

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