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Andrew la Fleur is Toronto's leading expert on condo investing. Since 2007 Andrew has been sharing his expertise and his insider connections to help hundreds of clients every year to make money by investing in the Toronto condo market. He is the founder of, contributor to New Condo Guide magazine, and has been featured in The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and the Wall Street Journal. Contact Andrew directly: | (416) 371-2333

Green Condos: Pipe Dream or Way of the Future?

Words like ‘sustainable’, ‘green’, and ‘eco-(fill-in-the-blank)’ have been so overused by the media, politicians, and special interest groups alike that they really have lost their meaning. But one area where meaning is starting to take shape is in, of all places, real estate. And this is happening in, of all cities, Toronto. Like what you […]

Buying a New Condo: It’s the Coolest

While not everyone in this city is enthusiastic about the chance to buy a pre–construction condo, the fact is, new condos make up a growing portion of the condo market in Toronto and they have that undeniable ‘cool’ factor by virtue of their newness. Like what you see? Read the rest at

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