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A Review on Using Jiffy As Your Tradesperson

When something needs to be repaired, replaced, or upgraded it can leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed when trying to figure how and where to do begin.

This process starts with researching and finding reputable tradespeople and companies, looking up reviews, giving them each a call, comparing quotes, scheduling a time that works for both of you, etc.

We know first hand this is a headache.

Thankfully the Jiffy on Demand app has successfully come to our rescue time over time again and has now become our go to application when any of our properties require some sort of touch ups, repairs, or maintenance.


Using the Jiffy app on your smartphone, you can simply select the service you need help with by tapping on it. Instantly, you will receive a rate for that service regardless of the tradesperson that shows up at your door. It’s that simple.

We have found the rates to be extremely reasonable if not cheap compared to what many companies charge if you were to contact them directly. Jiffy also promotes what they call “Flash Sales” which offer even more of a discounted rate for services already happening in your area.


You can then schedule someone ASAP. That’s right, as in today, or within the next hour; even on weekends!

Unfortunately when we need help, it’s because something breaks suddenly and we are left scrambling trying to find someone who can come in and help right away. Finally, when you find someone who actually is available, you are paying an arm and a leg just for them to show up. Jiffy solves all this when you are scheduling in a service with them.

You are able to schedule the service in for ASAP, or any date and time in the future.

Once booked, you will actually be able to track the progress of your service from starting from when a tradesperson has been alerted, when they are coming, when they are on their way, and when it has all been completed. This makes it very easy to move on with your day and avoid simply waiting at home all day for someone to show up sometime between 10am and 6pm… sound familiar?


With regards to the quality of the work you’ll be getting, Jiffy has gone ahead and done the cumbersome research for you by vetting all the tradespeople and companies within its directory. You will not be offered service by someone with less than a 4 out of 5 star rating on Jiffy.

We have experienced first hand the quality of work and the tradespeople themselves for a wide range of services including electrical, plumbing, painting, cleaning and maintenance, upholstery, and other handyman services.

Our review of the tradespeople and the work Jiffy has provided to us is extremely positive. Professional, courteous, attentive to detail, punctual, and most of the time our expectations have been exceeded by the time everything is done.


It’s like Uber for hiring tradespeople. A credit card that you have on file will be charged at the end when the service has been deemed complete. You will be able to view the details of what was done, how long it took, the hourly rate, any additional expenses for last minute supplies that maybe needed to be purchased, etc. No cash to be exchanged at the end of this transaction.

It’s safe, simple, and easy.


The fact that Jiffy makes life for homeowners so much easier is a given. However, Jiffy can save condo investors a significant amount of time, money, and stress when it comes to managing their properties.

Combining the ease of use of the Jiffy on Demand app, the extremely reasonable rates, the quality of work and professionalism by the tradespeople, and overall customer service from the company we can’t help but recommend Jiffy to all our condo investing clients and homeowners.

Be sure to sign up and use our promo code TRUECONDOS to receive $25 off your first service using Jiffy.

Our Interview with Paul Arlin, Co-Founder of Jiffy

Dealing with property maintenance is a normal part of being a landlord and with Jiffy it’s now a lot easier to deal with. Jiffy is a new app that connects property owners with trades people and service professionals for small repair jobs. In this episode Andrew la Fleur chats with Paul Arlin (co-founder of Jiffy) about the service, how it works, and what advantages it offers landlords and condo investors.

3 Reasons Why Jiffy is Great for Condo Investors

1. Save Time

No need to shop around and call 5 different handymen, plumbers, electricians etc. Jiffy is your one stop shop for all small repairs and fixes for your property. All Jiffy pros are vetted and rated highly before they ever show up at your door.

2. Save Money

With Jiffy you get a highly rated professional with a reputation for delivering great service AND you get it at a competitive price thanks to Jiffy’s huge negotiating power.

3. Less Worries, Less Headaches

Have you ever felt like you were ripped off by a tradesperson? Jiffy takes the headache and the stress out of hiring a pro to work on your properties by making sure they deliver great service every time at a fair price. All payment done through the app. If you ever have any issues you can go directly to Jiffy and they will have your back!

use referral code TRUECONDOS to save $25 on your first Jiffy service

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